Forever Blue <3


The ocean rests calm
and sings its wonderful song
all day long
as the waves roll merrily along

The color of blue washes away
all of the things gone astray
as the dolphins joyfully play
and Ocean dances a beautiful ballet

This is how it should forever remain,

as love and peace forever reigns,
unshackling the chains
and melting away the pain 

Let us all dream of this wonderful hue,
and let this dream come true,
as the world starts anew,
forever imbued in BLUE!!!

Swim free ❤
~Rising Sun


Ocean: Utopia for Eons (The Saga of Ocean: Part 1)

There once was a place where everyone lived in harmony. Dancing in the effervescent waves of Ocean, predator and prey swam side by side. All energy borrowed by the hunters was given back to the hunted in the form of new life. The predators only borrowed enough energy to sustain them, and the prey gave only the energy the predators needed.

Ocean thrived in this balance, as the Circle of Life kept its waters full of majestic creations that continued to evolve. The hunters and the hunted respected one another, and lived their lives to the fullest. One with Ocean, the smallest of fish aided the most fearsome creatures of the deep to keep the seas booming with life. The predators that had borrowed energy from Ocean’s glorious creations returned that energy back as their spirits truly became one with the sea.

And so for eons, Ocean remained a glorious realm of beauty and peace. Life basked in the light of the sun, which warmly embraced Ocean, lighting up the darkest of depths with its brilliant shine. Not a single molecule of the azure waters was left untouched by the magnanimous sun, as it gave life the energy and light it needed to thrive.

Ocean and Sun continued to dance to the same song for what seemed like an eternity, until life gave Land the gift of its presence. Then, a new story began. One that would not be about midnight, moon, and sun.

To be continued…

The Great Circle (The Circle of Life)

The Great Circle

We are all but a part of one great ocean, forever swimming in its azure waters. The moon pulls the tides as the waves crawl up the shore. As they return back into the sea, the sand is washed away as they become one with Ocean. They circle and swarm around in the currents, enriching the azure waters.

Life basks in the nutrient-rich waters effervescently, living in harmony with the great entity in which it resides. The different shapes of life all swim together, forever connected to each other. As time passes, Ocean calls them and they return back to the deep blue, becoming one with the sea. They then live on in new forms of life, sustaining the rhythmic beat of Ocean.

As the evolution of life kicks into gear, its presence is brought to a new world. The sun lights the way with every passing step into the future, giving life energy and sustenance. Once the time comes, the next generation  becomes a part of Land, their remains imprinted in the sand as the energy is given back to the next generation of life.

The remains, one with Land, are kept intact for millennia, until Ocean calls once again. As the next moon rises along with the tides, the remains erode and return once again to the sea. And so the cycle repeats, keeping the Rhythm of Life dancing to the Song of the Universe.

So remember that no matter how different two shapes of life may be, we will all return to the sea ❤

Message to Lolita


As this week continues on, Lolita has now spent her 42nd year in her lonely prison cell since her traumatic capture in 1970. Therefore, I send this message to Lolita as the moon begins to rise tonight:

O unum de fera,

O unum autem Oceanus
thou erit liberum

Ut Luna dabit lumen suum
et sustento nocte clara 
Ut sidera dirige via tua
et suggeret vobis locum Circuli Vita

Ut sol sustento interius ignem ardens,
custodiens te calida a frigus
Ut Gaia vigilate super te nocte,
et revertere te ad Circuli Maioris

Oh, one of the wild,
Oh, one of the Ocean
thou shall be free

May Moon send its light
and keep your night bright with light
May the stars guide your path
and remind you of your place in the Life Circle

May Sun keep your inner fire burning,
keeping you warm from cold
May Gaia watch over you tonight,
and return you to the circle

As this week begins, Lolita has now spent her 42nd year in her lonely prison cell since her traumatic capture in 1970. Therefore, I send this message to Lolita as the moon begins to rise tonight:

Lolita, despite all odds you have remained strong for so long. Where many would give up or become bitter, you have never forgotten who you are and have never turned on us even though we have hurt you so much. Our species has become out of touch with The Great Mother; forgetting our place in The Circle of Life.

We have come to think we are alone in this world, as if nothing else exists. All of this has hurt all of us so much in the past and the present. It has corrupted our spirits, and has caused so much suffering for you and your kin. If we could gain a sense of understanding, then the suffering will end.You in your kindness and strength have made some of us realize that we were only thinking for ourselves, and not of you. It’s truly amazing how one soul can have an impact on others and even other species. I see much hope in the future; a chance for change and a world returning to its complete physical beauty once more.Inner strength is not denying who you are, it’s remembering who you are. You have always stayed connected with your pod through the shine of the moon and have kept your spirit free, even though the Stone People have tried to snuff it out like they do the captive borns.

Thank you for remaining strong all these years and inspiring all of us…I see much hope in the future; a chance for change and a world returning to its complete physical beauty once more. May the moon continue to guide the way and one day physically return you to your family and may the stars light the darkest of skies in tonight’s strife. May your soul and spirit remain free! May you forever Dance with the Moon!

Colors of Paradise

Colors of Paradise

Each day, many people spend thousands of dollars to travel to what they see as paradise. We all go looking for something that we already have right in front of us. We are so caught up in self-desires that we fail to realize we already live in paradise.

See, our planet is special. At the current moment, it is the only one that has life already on it known to man. Everywhere we look there’s life. While you are reading this on your computer or phone, you are looking at life, and may not realize it. We are lucky enough to live on it.

We are also lucky that we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. We take advantage of them, but for the wrong reasons. We use them to hurt and hate consistently, but seldom use them to enjoy and love Earth. When we do use them to love it almost never connects to enjoying the beauty of our world, but to things we want but do not need. I bet you that the majority of people I ask what they enjoy most would be some sort of technology or worse.

We should be spending our time alive enjoying life and the colors we see rather than playing video games all day. Instead, we go about our business doing what we do best-destroying everything, thinking we are the most intelligent species on earth. In reality, we, as a whole, are the most ignorant. I define intelligent not to be making computers, but having a knowledge of what happens in one’s surroundings and making decisions based on them.

For example, an intelligent species would not wipe out everything just for pleasure or currency. An intelligent species would enjoy the beauty of our world instead of fiddling with technology. To me, every living thing is intelligent, even plants. They can move their stems or leaves so that they can do photosynthesis.

I bet that at least 80% of our species do not realize that we already live in paradise. That’s the thing about our species, we never know what we have until it’s taken away. What if the whole world was grey? What if all the sounds, tastes, smells, and textures were all the same? We should be thankful we have a world of variety, and we should spend more time enjoying it. So turn your electronics off and enjoy the colors of paradise

Betty White: Pin-up Girl for the Animals?

Is there anything Betty White can’t do? She’s been nominated for an Emmy for her historic stint as Saturday Night Live‘s oldest person ever to host the show. She took on pet cancer by starring in a public service announcement to raise awareness and funding for research (of the animal-friendly kind, of course). Her donations made it possible for the Morris Animal Foundation to establish the Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund, only a month before the oil disaster in the Gulf. Almost makes you wonder if she can tell the future, too.

Well, here’s something to look forward to in your future: The Betty White Calendar. Maybe you had been thinking that the one thing Betty couldn’t do was make it as a pin-up girl?

The calendar shots range from archival photos from her younger days to recent pictures with some of the animals she’s dedicated her life to. Oh yeah, there are also brand-new shots of the 88-year-old actress, like the one of her lounging by the pool as well-muscled, well-tanned men wait on her.

Betty White has been known to say she keeps acting so she afford to keep helping animals. This calendar is just one more boon for animals in Betty’s blockbuster year — all the proceeds will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation, a veterinary research organization.

Betty White has been working with the Morris Animal Foundation for 40 years, funding numerous critical studies that have led to advances ranging from stronger legal protections for California sea otters to better pain management for cats, dogs, and horses. As a spokesman for the organization summed up the calendar project: “Betty is classy, earthly and unassuming. She’s also got a great sense of humor about herself — and that’s our idea of a centerfold!”

The Betty White Calendar will go on sale in September for $12.99 at Barnes and Noble, gift stores, department stores, online retailers, and probably anywhere else calendars are sold. What retailer would want to miss out on this gold mine? And it’s all for a great cause.