Betty White: Pin-up Girl for the Animals?

Is there anything Betty White can’t do? She’s been nominated for an Emmy for her historic stint as Saturday Night Live‘s oldest person ever to host the show. She took on pet cancer by starring in a public service announcement to raise awareness and funding for research (of the animal-friendly kind, of course). Her donations made it possible for the Morris Animal Foundation to establish the Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund, only a month before the oil disaster in the Gulf. Almost makes you wonder if she can tell the future, too.

Well, here’s something to look forward to in your future: The Betty White Calendar. Maybe you had been thinking that the one thing Betty couldn’t do was make it as a pin-up girl?

The calendar shots range from archival photos from her younger days to recent pictures with some of the animals she’s dedicated her life to. Oh yeah, there are also brand-new shots of the 88-year-old actress, like the one of her lounging by the pool as well-muscled, well-tanned men wait on her.

Betty White has been known to say she keeps acting so she afford to keep helping animals. This calendar is just one more boon for animals in Betty’s blockbuster year — all the proceeds will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation, a veterinary research organization.

Betty White has been working with the Morris Animal Foundation for 40 years, funding numerous critical studies that have led to advances ranging from stronger legal protections for California sea otters to better pain management for cats, dogs, and horses. As a spokesman for the organization summed up the calendar project: “Betty is classy, earthly and unassuming. She’s also got a great sense of humor about herself — and that’s our idea of a centerfold!”

The Betty White Calendar will go on sale in September for $12.99 at Barnes and Noble, gift stores, department stores, online retailers, and probably anywhere else calendars are sold. What retailer would want to miss out on this gold mine? And it’s all for a great cause.


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