Colors of Paradise

Colors of Paradise

Each day, many people spend thousands of dollars to travel to what they see as paradise. We all go looking for something that we already have right in front of us. We are so caught up in self-desires that we fail to realize we already live in paradise.

See, our planet is special. At the current moment, it is the only one that has life already on it known to man. Everywhere we look there’s life. While you are reading this on your computer or phone, you are looking at life, and may not realize it. We are lucky enough to live on it.

We are also lucky that we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. We take advantage of them, but for the wrong reasons. We use them to hurt and hate consistently, but seldom use them to enjoy and love Earth. When we do use them to love it almost never connects to enjoying the beauty of our world, but to things we want but do not need. I bet you that the majority of people I ask what they enjoy most would be some sort of technology or worse.

We should be spending our time alive enjoying life and the colors we see rather than playing video games all day. Instead, we go about our business doing what we do best-destroying everything, thinking we are the most intelligent species on earth. In reality, we, as a whole, are the most ignorant. I define intelligent not to be making computers, but having a knowledge of what happens in one’s surroundings and making decisions based on them.

For example, an intelligent species would not wipe out everything just for pleasure or currency. An intelligent species would enjoy the beauty of our world instead of fiddling with technology. To me, every living thing is intelligent, even plants. They can move their stems or leaves so that they can do photosynthesis.

I bet that at least 80% of our species do not realize that we already live in paradise. That’s the thing about our species, we never know what we have until it’s taken away. What if the whole world was grey? What if all the sounds, tastes, smells, and textures were all the same? We should be thankful we have a world of variety, and we should spend more time enjoying it. So turn your electronics off and enjoy the colors of paradise