The Great Circle (The Circle of Life)

The Great Circle

We are all but a part of one great ocean, forever swimming in its azure waters. The moon pulls the tides as the waves crawl up the shore. As they return back into the sea, the sand is washed away as they become one with Ocean. They circle and swarm around in the currents, enriching the azure waters.

Life basks in the nutrient-rich waters effervescently, living in harmony with the great entity in which it resides. The different shapes of life all swim together, forever connected to each other. As time passes, Ocean calls them and they return back to the deep blue, becoming one with the sea. They then live on in new forms of life, sustaining the rhythmic beat of Ocean.

As the evolution of life kicks into gear, its presence is brought to a new world. The sun lights the way with every passing step into the future, giving life energy and sustenance. Once the time comes, the next generation  becomes a part of Land, their remains imprinted in the sand as the energy is given back to the next generation of life.

The remains, one with Land, are kept intact for millennia, until Ocean calls once again. As the next moon rises along with the tides, the remains erode and return once again to the sea. And so the cycle repeats, keeping the Rhythm of Life dancing to the Song of the Universe.

So remember that no matter how different two shapes of life may be, we will all return to the sea ❤


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