Message To The Lost Ones: R.I.P Rissos 11/7/12

After a night of endless torture,
and nightmares tearing through your mind,
The Cove runs red in our horror,
as the innocent are killed by the blind

For too long has this happened;
the Stone People have plagued the world
as the ways of love are forgotten,
causing us to be trapped in an evil whirl

They see only with their eyes,
and think they can own everything,
despite the sad cries
that sound upon the beating

They think that they can take
without giving back to the world,
and leave a ravaged Earth in their wake,
claiming every pearl

But what they fail to see
is that they can never own
that which comes from the sea,
no matter the way the wind is blown

And so as your souls depart
the pearls claimed by the Stone People,
know that they can never take your heart,
which will always be as free as an eagle

As your souls return to Ocean,
know that you will live on,
flying high on emotions
with the light of the new dawn

So farewell my friends,
I will see you all tomorrow,
as a new day begins,
free of sorrow


Ocean: Utopia for Eons (The Saga of Ocean: Part 1)

There once was a place where everyone lived in harmony. Dancing in the effervescent waves of Ocean, predator and prey swam side by side. All energy borrowed by the hunters was given back to the hunted in the form of new life. The predators only borrowed enough energy to sustain them, and the prey gave only the energy the predators needed.

Ocean thrived in this balance, as the Circle of Life kept its waters full of majestic creations that continued to evolve. The hunters and the hunted respected one another, and lived their lives to the fullest. One with Ocean, the smallest of fish aided the most fearsome creatures of the deep to keep the seas booming with life. The predators that had borrowed energy from Ocean’s glorious creations returned that energy back as their spirits truly became one with the sea.

And so for eons, Ocean remained a glorious realm of beauty and peace. Life basked in the light of the sun, which warmly embraced Ocean, lighting up the darkest of depths with its brilliant shine. Not a single molecule of the azure waters was left untouched by the magnanimous sun, as it gave life the energy and light it needed to thrive.

Ocean and Sun continued to dance to the same song for what seemed like an eternity, until life gave Land the gift of its presence. Then, a new story began. One that would not be about midnight, moon, and sun.

To be continued…