The Promise – Let Dolphins Live Free

Every year, thousands of dolphins are killed in the Solomon Islands and Taiji, Japan. The captive industry encourages and is fully responsible for this slaughter. Essentially what goes on is a dolphin Holocaust. The pretty, nice looking ones are selected to be displayed in “abusement” parks while their families are slaughtered for money.

How it is acceptable to imprison and slaughter in a mass scale one of the most revered and loved species on the planet is beyond my comprehension. Please speak up against this atrocity and turn blue the blood-red seas. If the oceans die, we die. And that is all we care about. Ourselves. That will be the downfall of the “superior” human race and all life on Earth if we don’t change our ways.

Do we want to live in a world without dolphins? A world where the minds in the water are enslaved and murdered? A world where children are stripped of their mothers? See the beauty and elegance they display in their home, the ocean. It is time to stand together and FIGHT for our flippered friends. Educate yourselves to the horror now becoming exposed. Watch Blackfish, the new award-winning documentary exposing the truth about SeaWorld.

United we stand, divided we fall.

This video was jointly made by Global Wildlife Warriors and Rising Sun for educational purposes only.

The Promise (Dolphin Song) – Olivia Newton John


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