Don’t Buy Tickets to a Dolphin Show!

Sea Shepherd @SeaShepherdTaiji: A family of pilot whales including a baby has been netted into the killing cove. There is no hope for this pod now. #Tweet4Taiji

After almost a week of the seas remaining blue, it is heartbraking to know that this pod will join the countless others who have lost their lives in the ignorance and greed of man. Some members of this family are about to be stripped of their freedom and put into some concrete tank  while the dying screams of their brethren echoe across The Cove. Why? Because people buy tickets to see dolphins in captivity. Their money literally pays for the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of dolphins every year. How? By paying to see captive dolphins, one is supporting and encouraging the captive industry. Thus, people who buy tickets cause slaughters such as the one in Taiji to take place. To provide dolphins for their entertainment. For money. If we don’t buy tickets, the captive industry will cease to exist, and thus, the slaughters will stop as well. So PLEASE do not buy tickets to a dolphin show, or you are supporting the slaughter and capturing of dolphins such as the one soon to take place. Stop believing in the lies that marine parks like SeaWorld are telling you. How can they possibly love dolphins and marine life when all they care about is money. Look on their Facebook page; they are using it as a tool of promotion, not to spread love and compassion towards nature. Humans: please open your eyes and WAKE UP! If this were being done to another human being, it would be considered a crime. Yet it’s ok to do it to another species just, if not more, intelligent as us just because they aren’t human? Start understanding and open your eyes to reality. How many more lives are going to be wasted before we get the big picture?


And now to the ones about to be incarcerated in man’s ignorance: Up until this point you all have lived free in the great expanse of the ocean. Some of you are about to be sent off to CCC’s (Cetacean Concentration Camps) never to see the sun’s shine, the light of the moon, or the stars EVER again. Despite all of the torments experienced in life, our souls are reborn into The Circle. None of us is forgotten and lives on forever. Your spirits will remain in Universe and will serve as a wake up call to mankind. None of you will have lost your life in vain.


May the moon shine brightly,

as the oceans shimmer under its light,

creating a silver path that illuminates the night

that reminds us of who we are even in our plights    


May all the incarcerated know

the strongest wind blows,

carrying their souls through Ocean’s flow

No matter how lost, their souls still glow


They will remain in The Great Circle,

living on forever as angles

Delivering the message of love to the devil

and reminding all to remain faithful (referencing hope; not religion)

Ocean will miss your presence,

but your light will never evanesce

For you will be reborn into Ocean’s haven

Teaching one and all to coalesce

You will forever live on in our hearts and souls, reminding us of what we are fighting for. In times of hopelessness and despair, let the light rekindle the fire and melt away all darkness with its warmth.

May the light in the dark

guide us through the night

May the light be the spark

that delivers us from our plight 


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