Sunrise, Sunset: The Illusions of Evil

This is a poem I wrote to express that there is no such thing as evil. Evil is an illusion created by fear. It also expresses that we need to love more than we hate. Note that many of stanzas are metaphors, so they are not literal. At first they may seem unclear, but when you connect with your inner self, they will be clear.  What they mean is for you to uncover, otherwise you won’t learn anything.

A story is going to go along with this poem, and should be done by summer time. After the story, a movie will also be made. Both will revolve around this poem.

When IT is capitalized it is referring to IT from “A Wrinkle in Time.”
If you have not read the book or seen the movie, I recommend you do s

Here are a few word you need to know that are used in the poem:
Metus: Fear
Amor: Love
Novo: Change/New

Sunrise, Sunset: The Illusions of Evil

When the sun rises
Good seems to stay
When the sun sets
good seems to go away

It seems that evil
is something we can’t commend
And when it is darkest
It never seems to end

But fear not, my friend
evil is just an illusion
That blocks the truth
in short conclusion

You see, evil is an illusion
that is created by fear
The fear of fear itself
is all we seem to hear

So do not be afraid
because afraid and fear
are not the same thing
That is all we need to hear

Fear is the belief that someone or something is going to hurt you
While being afraid is being aware of that fear lurking
in the outer layer of our minds
that are constantly working

When it is darkest
and all positives in the world seem to disappear
Remember there is always a sparkling emerald
for the world to endear

You see, Metus’ territory
is the outer part of the mind’s skin
But Amor’s embrace
comes from within

When it seems one
is doing something bad for a lark
Remember one thing:
Those actions were not from their heart

Metus controls people but Amor does not
IT takes over when there is something to take
You can feel it slithering around inside you
like a snake

When it seems that one is truly evil
and there is no hope
Remember that it is the slave master in the end
who will mope

Many people say
that Satin is evil
But all he is looking for
is love from people

In short,
His true self is blocked
By the fear of not being loved
Hence, many doors have been locked

When you take away
that source of fear
You will find that compared to love,
it’s effect is mere

When you try to free the slaves
You will find it much less satisfying
Than freeing the slave master
For all of them will otherwise be crying

For the slave master is the real slave
He let fear take over his soul
and control his way of thinking
thus, made are thoughts that are cold

Like I said before,
those actions are not his in there
But the illusion of evil comes from Metus
which for most is hard to bear

Kill whales do whalers
but only in fear
of hardship and hunger
but fear not, the SS Novo is near

Yet the whales don’t fight back
Their physical self may know how
But they have lived on this planet before fear
so it was never there to bring them down

Their outer minds
are connected with their inner spirits
They communicate only through love
which is the one true merit

Again, the SS Novo is near
It is very good
But it is never easy
Accept it we should

There is starting to
be a lot more love in the world
Unlike it used to be
although there is a long way to go

When we board the ship
Many more doors appear
So the end, close as it may seem,
is very far from near

Woe, another fear is upon us
We may be able to control our fear of Metus
but fear hate do we now
We have moved farther towards the ship’s bow

When we fear hate,
We are becoming what we fear
For we seem to hate the haters
More than we love the lovers

So by spreading hate,

We have become the haters
If we don’t follow the ways of love
We will all become craters

Instead of spreading hate
We should be teaching the hater
the ways of love
so they can become a lover

We are now close to the edge of the ship
falling into the abyss below us
But there are still things
for us to guess

Yet when we guess those things
A thousand more doors appear again
Those doors will keep opening
some of which we deign

But whenever you are in doubt
Trust in love that will never go away
For when you do,
This ship will not go astray

Even when it might seem
that the life you are in is a dream
Once you connect with your spirit, you will find
The other life you dream is steam in the wind

You will discover
that there’s no such thing as normal
For if there was,
everything you see would be gray

For granted do we take
Many a thing
but color, taste, touch, sight, and smell
is what makes our bell ring

We always expect something to happen
but when the wave crashes down,
we will understand that
not everything has a sound

One may be like you
But they will never be equal to you
because everyone has
their own special groove

So remember,
like and equal are not the same thing
 Fear may be like evil
but it is not equal

Fear is something created by our physical self
Not another source
IT may try to control you
and make you fear through force

But when you trust in love,
there is no place
for fear to take
thus, there is nothing to misplace

With love, no one can hurt you
For the physical self does not matter
It is your spirit that does
for it is something that can never be scattered

Captured it may be,
but never is it destroyed
Deep inside,
it hasn’t gone to the void

You can always break free
of your mental prison
if you will just take a minute
to stop and listen

Listen to the rhythm of the universe
that is constantly beating
all you need to do is keep your hearts open
by embracing Amor

When all seems lost,
and nothing can strengthen the tree’s bark
Know that love is always brightest
in the dark

So when you save the slave master,
You have not only saved him
but also yourself and by doing so,
the light of the universe shall never dim

So no matter the time of day,
Love is here to stay
So fear not, when the sun sets,
it brings a new day

Our journey here is far from done;
there is so much more to be learned
The rest we must find out for ourselves
otherwise what have we upturned?


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