Dolphins are NOT Food!


Despite massive exposure in films and other media the fishermen at Taiji are hunting dolphins again. While it is encouraging that there is a significant drop in demand for dolphin, largely due to publicity about high toxic levels in the meat, we will continue the fight until every dolphin is safe.

BlueVoice Tests Show DOLPHINS ARE NOT FOOD.Thank you to all who responded so quickly and generously to our appeal for funds to match a grant from a BlueVoice member. Thanks for being part of the BlueVoice team.

Your help made it possible for, in association with Elsa Nature Conservancy in Japan, to conduct tests in May and June, 2011 on dolphin and pilot whale meat from Taiji, Japan and dolphin hunted at Okinawa and Beaked Whale killed in North Pacific waters. The tests revealed alarming levels of contaminants and prove that dolphins are not food.

Just a few examples to show how important this testing is:
*Pilot whale meat showed 18.3 times higher than the allowable level for mercury.
*Dolphin meat and blubber showed 19.2 times the allowable level of PCBs.
*Samples tested in Okinawa showed values as high as 16.6 times allowable level of mercury.

BlueVoice tests show whale meat fed to school children to be toxic. The whale meat was eaten on June 21 by nearly 40 fifth grade school children at two primary schools before the meat had been tested. As a result of our tests, the meat was withdrawn from the schools.

Why Is this testing so important?
When we end the demand, the killing will stop.
The information obtained through our testing of dolphin and whale meat was presented at the International Whaling Commission, distributed to delegates who vote on whaling quotas, to international media reps and to other non-profit organizations fighting to save dolphins and whales. It was put in the hands of responsible parties on Okinawa and will be presented in a symposium in Tokyo in early September. It was published on and the Japanese website for Elsa Nature Conservancy

We are working to make this information broadly available to people in Japan and elsewhere who might now decide against eating dolphin and whale.


Hardy.jpg For the dolphins and whales, Hardy Jones

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