Dolphin Captivity and Slaughter FAQ

Dolphin Captivity and Slaughter FAQ

Lately at school and on the web, people have been asking me questions when I tell them dolphin captivity is wrong. I am going to incorporate those questions into this entry as a FAQ. Let’s start out broad and start with some of the most frequently asked question. I hope these will answer your questions. This FAQ will be updated every week. If I left out something you have a question about, message me on Facebook or email me at have a question to submit


1. Why is Captivity Wrong? Not just a one sentence answer either?
Answer: Captivity is wrong because SeaWorld and other dolphinariums don’t understand that cetaceans have rights as well. For example, they say that holding dolphins in their prisons helps education. However, the dolphins performing these tricks are not performing their natural behaviors. So, you would learn more by seeing them in the wild. Trainers force They take them out of the wild and lock them up in the human equivalents of four by four prison cells. Some don’t even ever swim in ocean waters. The biggest reason, however, is that captivity supports dolphin slaughter.

2. How are dolphin tanks prison cells and how are they boring?
Answer: Even the deepest of tanks are still prisons and are boring. They are prisons because the dolphins and other whales placed do not have freedom. They are boring because the cetaceans imprisoned have the same exact routine everyday. Imagine eating breakfast, going to school learning the same thing over and over again and sharing the same stories over and over again. For example, Lolita, an Orca imprisoned at the Miami Seaquarium, was captured when she was four years old and is solitary in a small tank.

3. Tell me more about Lolita?
Answer: Lolita was captured violently on August 8th, 1970 near Puget Sound, Washington State. Some of her family members were killed in the process of her capture. Now, she is 40 lives in a solitary, freakishly small tank to perform for our amusement. For more, go to
and watch this video:

4. How did you come to be against captivity?
Answer: At first, I supported Sea World. In fact, I was obsessed. When I first saw posts about stopping captivity I was ignorant and said that those were wrong. The thing that turned me around was not just the posts I read and people telling me. The last time I went to SeaWorld, at the end of 6th grade, for a field trip, we went by the dolphins not used, yes used, in the shows, that were placed in a small tank. Everybody else was talking about how they were smiling and how cute they were, then I thought about what I read. As I was thinking, I had a realization that only a select few who wrote these articles, like I am now, had mentioned that dolphins are not always happy. I pondered that thought and looked at the dolphins real hard. I began to see things I hadn’t seen before. I saw the dolphins swimming in circles dispassionately. You know how sometimes in school you would do homework without a drive? That’s how the dolphins were swimming. I also realized that the tanks were extremely small. I still didn’t change my opinion until I found out that captivity supports dolphin slaughter.

5. How does captivity support dolphin slaughter?
Answer: Cetacean captivity supports dolphin slaughter indirectly and directly.
It supports dolphin slaughter indirectly by keeping the drive to get dolphins for profit alive. It supports slaughter directly because some trainers from various dolphinariums around the world go to Taiji, Japan, where most of the dolphins slaughters in the world occur, to capture dolphins brought in by the Japanese Fisherman. The dolphins not captured are then slaughtered for their meat.

6. Are all Japanese to blame for dolphin slaughter?
Answer: Of course not. Only a select group are, even all the people of Taiji aren’t to blame. Most are against this, just like me. As I said, it’s only a very select group that are to blame including the fisherman who capture and slaughter the dolphins, the trainers who support the slaughter, and the whole aspect of captivity itself.

7. Do Trainers capturing dolphins from Taiji know about the slaughter and do they care?
Answer: Yes they know and no they do not care. They see the blood coming out of the cave where the dolphins are slaughtered, but do they do anything? No! They just ship the dolphins in closed crates with an air hole and water filled inside to their abusement parks for money.

8. Do trainers from Sea World capture dolphins from Taiji?
Answer: Yes, but not directly. Last year, Sea World Orlando and San Diego purchased pilot whales from Chiba, Japan, that were originally captured from Taiji.


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