America: Home of the Slaves Presentation and Other Announcements

Sorry I haven’t posted here in a while, going to start posting more often again. Before I talk about the presentation, for those of you who haven’t seen my videos lately, I have created a series, so to speak, about nature, saving nature, how we destroy nature, etc. Each new video will be uploaded somewhere between every Sunday-Tuesday evening. If you wish to see these, go to the VIDEOS page, see my channel (, or see them on facebook.

Also, I have canceled Dolphin of the Week, as I always forget to put them up. However, I will continue to post fact sheets starting this Sunday.  I have also made a new website for my videos, It is a little glitchy, and I update it only once a week, though.

Back on topic, I have nearly finished the  final version of my presentation about captivity, some of you may have seen my rough draft  on facebook or Scribd. I will be showing it in all of my classes for school except band and P.E. when I come back from Christmas Break. If you wish to see  the rough draft version, view it on Google Documents.

Zach Affolter (


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