America: Home of the Slaves Presentation Ideas

I am working on a presentation for school that I will present to educate people on marine captivity. If anyone would like to help, please let me know…you can also present this to your school as well…just email me @ so I can send you the presentation

I have begun the brainstorming process of it, and these are my ideas (if you have any suggestions, please comment:

Slide 1: Title Page- America: Home of the Slaves? (Include No Captivity Graphic)
Slide 2: Intro-include names of famous captive Orcas (Lolita, Tilikum, Morgan, etc) state how they were taken away from their families and/or they have never tasted freedom, and explain how that relates to U.S. history (speech part)
Slide 3: Lolita’s Life story: OWN WORDS-less than 800 words
Slide 4: Tilikum’s Life Story: SAME AS ABOVE
Slide 5: Morgan’s Life Story: OWN WORDS-LESS THAN 500 WORDS
Slide 6: Why Captivity is Wrong (edit and revise 3 times)
Slide 7: Explain how they relate to U.S. History
Slide 8: Explain dolphin slaughter and how it relates to captivity using school appropriate context (UNDER 800 WORDS AND IN OWN WORDS)
Slide 9: Explain events in U.S. History that are similar to the slide above
Slide 10:  We Belong in the Sea (SHORT VERSION-EDITED)
Slide 11: How we can stop Captivity:

  • don’t go to Sea World or any other dolphinarium
  • educate others
  • Sign petitions
  • Make and send petitions to dolphinarium CEO’s
  • Send letters to dolphinarium CEO’s
  • make phone calls to dolphinarium CEO’s

Slide 12: Conclusion (still brainstorming)


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