Woman Kills Dogs, Blames Kids

Deborah Kyles, a 52-year-old Pennsylvania woman, was charged last month with two counts of animal cruelty and one count of filing a false police report. Kyles killed her Chihuahua and her Pomeranian in a horrible and premeditated way — the dogs were discovered bound, with plastic bags over their heads and syringes of antifreeze nearby — and then tried to pin the deaths on her son and her daughter’s boyfriend.

Her daughter’s boyfriend did not kill the Chihuahua and dump the body in the bed of his pickup truck, as Kyles claimed. Her son did not break into her house to torture and kill the Pomeranian. And her statement, when she eventually confessed, that “My so-called rotten kids made me do it,” isn’t exactly true either. According to the articles on the case, the kids were not only nowhere near the house when the dogs were killed, but they’re also a lot more mentally stable than their mom. But is Deborah Kyles the only one to blame in the death of these dogs?

Kyles was not the type who hid her insanity. There were no reports from neighbors saying, “She seemed nice and kept to herself.” These neighbors told police that they lived in fear. “Everyone who has dogs, we don’t let our dogs out at all without us being there,” said Laura Crawford.

Her children told police that their mom had a history of dogs mysteriously disappearing or dying. Her son even suspects that she killed his dog two years ago. According to police, Kyles’ only motive for killing the Chihuahua and Pomeranian was to create an excuse to incriminate her children. It can’t be easy to have a mother like that.

I can’t help but wonder if she had ever been reported for the previous deaths or the treatment of her children. Had her family tried to get her psychological help before the courts got involved? At the time the two small dogs were killed, there were three other dogs and a cat in the house. Those six animals had been on borrowed time … had anyone tried to protect them before it was too late? If the grown kids and the neighbors had been ignoring the warning signs, then they played a role in the death of those two dogs, too.

It’s easier said than done when it comes to dealing with someone like Deborah Kyles, especially if she’s your mom, but if you see see the signs of animal abuse and don’t intervene, can you live with yourself when — not if — more innocent victims get hurt? Hopefully the kids didn’t inherit much from her. And, hopefully, Deborah Kyles get the help she needs, and never owns another animal again.

Photo credit: wsilver


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