Why Captivity Doesn’t Work

Dolphins, much like other whales, are acoustic creatures. This means that they use sound as their primary sense.They can see right through things with hearing. They can tell if we’re pregnant, they can hear our heart beat, and they can use sound waves when water is murky to go through without seeing. They also communicate by sound. Each pod has their own distinctive calls, much like a dialect from a certain human language.

If you put a cetacean in a concrete tank, filled with screaming people, it causes immense stress on them. In fact, in ALL of the marine parks that has dolphins, the center of it is the fish-house. If you go there, you will see people putting pills inside the fish, because the dolphins get ulcers from too much stress. At the aquarium in Baltimore, when it first opened,dolphins were dying left to right. The trainers finally figured out that the filter was creating too much noise.

Now, the recent incident in Orlando is a perfect example of why captivity doesn’t work. The screaming people most likely caused stress on the Orca, and made it react in an abnormal way. SeaWorld is blaming the trainer when it really wasn’t. It is THEIR fault for capturing the Orca and placing it in a concrete tank, and forcing it to perform daily in a stadium filled with screaming people.

Another incident occurred earlier in the same park.  It was in the Bottlenose dolphin show. The dolphins were jumping, and they collided into each other, killing, and/or  severely injuring each other. This is caused by confined space, and loss of echolocation. Over time, dolphins, when enclosed in these areas, lose their sense of echolocation because they do not need it.

This is why captivity does NOT work!!!!!!!


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