How Captivity Relates to Dolphin Slaughter

This was the video that made me go INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

Please view the paragraphs after the video for some more on captivity and dolphin slaughter

That probably answered most of your questions already, but here it is in writing:

Each year, when Japan hunts and kills dolphins, the most shocking aspect of the dolphin drive hunt is the active role that some dolphinariums play in sustaining the hunt. Dolphinariums are always looking for ways to obtain more dolphins. Many times, the fishermen of Taiji will drive a large school of bottlenose dolphins into the killing cove, and dolphin trainers and marine mammal veterinarians flock to the scene to seek out the best-looking dolphins for their display facilities. By doing business with the dolphin killers, they are helping to maintain the dolphin drive hunts. A live dolphin sold to a dolphinarium brings in a much higher profit than does a dead dolphin sold as meat. In Taiji, live bottlenose dolphins have been sold for as much as $154,000. The dolphin massacres in Japan will continue for as long as members of the international dolphin display industry reward the fishermen with thousands of dollars for animals that are deemed suitable for commercial exploitation in captivity. Dolphinariums that work together with the Japanese dolphin killers are a major reason that the dolphin massacres are still going on.

Dolphinariums that purchase dolphins from the dolphin killers will tell you they are “saving” the dolphins from slaughter. We view this as nothing but propaganda, aimed at concealing the fact that they are fuelling the dolphin hunt by making it tremendously profitable. Working side by side, dolphin trainers and fishermen force the dolphins into shallow water, haul the dolphins ashore and line them up. The trainers then inspect the dolphins one by one, choosing only the ones that can be used in dolphin shows and captive dolphin swim programs. They are typically looking for young, unblemished dolphins. They “save” only the ones that can be commercially exploited in the display industry. The ones that are too old, too young, have the wrong gender or have too many blemishes are not worth “saving” to them, so they let the fishermen kill them. We have seen dolphin trainers assist the fishermen in bringing the rejects to the killing cove to have their throats slit. They don’t even bother to inspect the very young babies, knowing that they can’t be used in dolphin shows. Using ropes and physical force, dolphin trainers separate the babies from their mothers. They haul the mothers close to the rocky beach to measure and inspect them. The babies cry out, but they are doomed. The dolphin trainers are not going to help them. If these dolphin trainers and marine mammal veterinarians were into “saving” dolphins, they would be there with a protest sign and video cameras, just like we are. Instead, they take advantage of the dolphin slaughter to nourish the huge profits made from captive dolphins.  The grueling selection process drags on for several hours, and some dolphins die from either shock, injuries or exhaustion during this time. Some make frantic attempts  at staying at the surface of the water, but their pectoral fins have been dislocated or broken. An injured dolphin is worth nothing to the aquarium industry, and the dolphin trainers simply haul the dying dolphins back into the water and dump them, showing no emotion whatsoever.

It is described in detail in “Witness to a Dolphin Capture.” Several times, we have seen dolphin trainers and dolphin killers in the same boat, laughing and joking around after a large school of dolphins had just been killed. We have seen members of the international aquarium and zoo industry get in the water with the dolphin killers, tying ropes around the dolphins’ tail flukes so that the fishermen could tie the dolphins to their boats. Often times, the dolphins are so exhausted at this point, they can’t even stay afloat. Some have large amounts of blood coming out of their blow holes. The dolphin trainers don’t seem to care. The fishermen haul the dolphins to the killing cove, with the dolphins’ blow holes underwater. The dolphins have been tormented by dolphin trainers for hours. Some are in shock. Others are seriously injured, and they can’t breathe. Now, they are going to be killed and slaughtered. Not even pregnant females or young calves will be spared. But the dolphin trainers, who claim to “love” dolphins,  don’t try to save any of them. It is the most cruel scene we have ever witnessed.



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